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What is the one common factor amongst the Bollywood actors Sridevi, Shilpa Shetty and Shruti Hassan. They acquired sharper facial features, specifically a sharp nose. This gave them stunning looks, sometime after making their Bollywood debuts. All these three divas opted for a Rhinoplasty surgery or a “Nose Job”. Though the list of celebrities is quite long, but these personalities are prominent. The drastic change in their looks can be seen once you check their before & after surgery photos available on the internet.

What is Rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty is a permanent transformation in the size, shape or appearance of your nose. It is a surgery done on the nose to improve its shape or ease its functioning. It gives a proportionate, sharp nose enhancing the facial harmony & thereby the overall appearance.

What can surgical Rhinoplasty correct? Suitable candidate for the surgery?
Nose size with respect to face.
Nasal symmetry, position & size of the nostrils.
The visible humps/depressions at the bridge.
Person with congenital defect like secondary cleft lip nose deformity.
Flat, enlarged, hooked or drooping nasal tip.
Any individual with the above features or who wants to change these features can opt for a Rhinoplasty.

Whether to opt for a surgery?
You need to meet a really able surgeon who has got a wealth of experience clubbed with specialized technical expertise to perform this procedure. Dr. Prashant Yadav of Dezire clinic India, is an Indian Board certified Plastic & Cosmetic surgeon. He along with his able team of surgeons operate pan India in the following cities:- Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolhapur and Pune. So setting up an appointment is easy. During the meeting you need to discuss your expectations from the surgery with Dr. Yadav. Based on the evaluation of your nose and other facial features done by him he will give you an estimate of how much of your expectations are realistic. A surgery can definitely enhance your facial features & ultimately your beauty. But expectations need to be pragmatic & set right. Morphed photos of the individual looking for a surgery can be shown on a PC/Phone to show them the possible look after the surgery.

Types of Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery:-
There are two types of nose surgeries that can be performed. They are-
1)      Open Surgery
2)      Closed surgery

Both the approaches involve incisions being made within the internal nostril region, but the open Rhinoplasty approach adds an external incision(a few mm) on the undersurface of the columella(i.e the tissue that divides the nostrils).

In Open Rhinoplasty or Open surgery the region to be treated is absolutely clearly visible. But it is a more complicated surgery to be performed. It needs a surgeon with absolute command & fair amount of experience in performing Rhinoplasty surgeries successfully.

Closed Rhinoplasty is relatively easier but the area exposed & consequently vision is limited. Only a few irregularities of the nose can be corrected via this surgery.

Before the surgery:-
A person opting for this surgery needs to stop smoking 2-3 weeks before the surgery & quit smoking for 2-3 weeks after the surgery. This aids quick healing.
You will need to make arrangement for someone to accompany you, take you home & to take care of you immediately after the surgery.
Either stop any other medicines that you have been taking for some earlier existing medical condition or inform your surgeon about it. He will prescribe further course of action as to whether you should continue with those medicines or stop having them for some time.

The surgery normally gets completed in less than 2 hours & you may go home the same day, but the operated area needs to be handled delicately with care. In some complicated cases hospital stay of a couple of days may be advised.

It involves use of local or general anaesthesia. The nose & the area around it are numbed. Either incision is made within the nostrils or at the base tip if a cartilage graft is required. Small incisions may be made on the side of the nose to break & reshape the bone. Thus depending on the individual’s aspirations & expectations, incision & further corrective procedure is implemented.
A splint may be placed outside the nose to support the new shape given to the nose bone, after the surgery has been completed. Soft nasal packs or plastic splints may be placed inside the nostrils also which helps to keep the dividing walls between air passages stable.

Side effects after the surgery:-
There are no scars in case of closed surgery. In case of open surgery there is a minor scar which will fade with time.
Allergic reactions to medicines or a bit of difficulty in breathing. These could be the initial temporary issues that one may face which can be easily addressed via medication.
There could be initial swelling, bruising, redness around the nose/eye region for the first couple of days.

Care to be taken after surgery:-
No hard nose blowing or nose picking should be done 3-4 weeks after the surgery.
Try to keep mouth wide open during sneezing to avoid stress on the nose. Avoid any internal or external stress/strain on the nose for 3-4 weeks after the surgery.
A splint is usually placed on the nose for one week.

Recovery time:-
The initial recovery of the surgery is quick. You can resume a normal desk-job type of an office-work in less than a week. However the complete healing is a slow process & the real results(final shape of the nose) will take some time(up to a few months) to show up.

Risks involved.
Though it is a complicated surgery, still it is considered to be fairly risk free. The success rate of Rhinoplasty surgeries performed is pretty high. The number of patients who are happy with the Nose surgery they had is magnanimous. It all boils down to you choosing the right surgeon to perform the surgery for you.
If you can choose a Board certified Plastic & cosmetic surgeon who has a fair amount of experience in performing Rhinoplasty surgeries, you happen to automatically negate the risks involved.

Kindly meet Dr. Prashant Yadav for more details.


  1. Nose is one of the most important parts of our face. Mainly for this nose we can get amazing look as well smart looks. But if this nose doesn't in a correct size or shape then it could be great hampered for us. Also at that time we will go for rhinoplasty but this process is very painful. Do you know nowadays nose correction without surgery is possible because I have already taken this so I know how good this process actually also it is mainly the effect of a hyaluronic acid.


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