13 Ways to Prevent Kidney Disease CKD

13 Points you need to remember to Avoid Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD).

The 13 important points to prevent CKD from occurring are listed below. These will greatly reduce not only your chances of acquiring kidney diseases but also play a vital role in keeping you healthy & maintaining your overall mental & physical health.


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1) Regular exercising:- Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by going to the gymnasium, jogging, walking, playing outdoor sports like tennis, swimming etc help to keep you in good shape & reduce Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholestrol & kidney problems. Chances of getting chronic kidney diseases are highly reduced when you maintain with this kind of a healthy lifestyle.

2) Early Diagnosis:- If you feel you have a kidney ailment or are suffering from any kind of kidney disorder, do not delay. Reach out to a specialist doctor as soon as possible. Early diagnosis & treatment of any kind of kidney disorder can help in preventing the disorder from becoming a chronic kidney disease (CKD) and ultimately avoid a kidney failure.

3) Lower down the tension in life & reduce stress:- Avoid a stressful lifestyle. There are a lot of instances where we get involved in unnecessary competition, conflicts, ego tussles etc which can be totally avoided. Avoid undue stress. It helps in overall health of your body lowers the B.P as well as  reduces kidney problems.

4) Drink a lot of water:- You knew this already, is it not? Drinking a lot of water washes a lot of toxins away from your body. Toxins are flushed out via urine/sweat. Good for overall health! Apart from this, drinking surplus amount of water keeps your kidney hydrated & maintains the blood flow level to your kidneys which is required.

5) Sleep:- Sleep deprivation can lead to a lot of problems. Apart from reducing your overall working efficiency during the day, it causes burning sensation in your eyes, increases anxiety & restlessness levels as a whole. Ideally you need around 8 hours of sleep every night. If not 8 hours you need 6 hours of proper, undisturbed, deep sleep. This helps to maintain your mental & physical health, blood pressure & blood sugar levels.


6) NO Smoking:- You need to completely quit smoking. Smoking induces a lot of problems including lung cancer & severe kidney problems. Quitting smoking would reduce your blood pressure levels & reduce your chances of contracting cancer, kidney diseases & heart attack or a stroke.

7) Weight Watch:- This is common sense, is it not? Being obese & overweight leads to a lot of health problems. Many times obesity is a result of over-eating or eating a lot of junk food, which can be controlled. If you maintain a healthy weight then automatically cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, kidney problems & kidney diseases can be avoided.

8) Develop, curate a healthy meal plan:- It is advisable to take the help of a dietician to develop a balanced meal plan which includes all necessary nutrients in your diet. A healthy diet will have high protein, vitamin content & low sugar content. It will be rich in fibers, fruits, green leafy vegetables, pulses, dairy products like milk & whole grains. 

9) Reduce the salt intake in your meals/food:-  If the salt content in your food is high, it can increase blood pressure. Also high salt content leads to excess of protein being washed out of your body with urine. This results in a decline in the kidney functioning. There are more evidences coming in which suggest that high salt intake results in deterioration of kidney condition of people suffering from kidney diseases.

10) Alcohol:- A better suited or ideal scenario is to avoid alcohol completely. Because regularly drinking alcohol damages the kidneys. Sometimes the damage to the kidneys happens slowly, but mostly the damage to the kidneys due to alcohol is permanent. Regular drinking as well as heavy drinking of alcohol makes you two times more susceptible to CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease.

11) Do NOT take medicines from shops:- Take only medicine prescribed by specialists. Do not rely on pharmacists to heal you. Many times people go to pharmacies or medical stores, share their physical discomfort with the pharmacist & completely avoid a visit to the doctor's clinic. They take medicines recommended by the pharmacist. Do NOT do this. It can lead to further deterioration of your health which can, sometimes, also be fatal.

12) Control your blood pressure:- A high blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease, heart attack, kidney diseases & kidney failure.

13) Control your blood sugar levels:- A high sugar level in your blood leads to high risk of heart, CKD or chronic kidney diseases & ultimately kidney failure.


The above 13 points, when implemented correctly, can drastically reduce your chances of getting any kind of kidney diseases. However if you are already suffering from a kidney disease, then please click here to know more about our most recommended kidney disease' remedial solution.

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