Get Your Pet Approved As a Service Pet in the US

Get Emotional Support for your pets. Animal Letters For Housing and Travel. The United States of America's leading all-in-one online solution for approving Emotional Support Animals!

Get your pet approved to be a service pet in America.

This is exclusively for the US residents by American Service Pets.


This Site Can Eliminate Your Monthly Pet Rent & Get You a FULL PET DEPOSIT REFUND from Your Landlord. All You Have to do is Take this Short Assessment, Download Your Paperwork, and Give it to Your Landlord or leasing Office!

Every Human Should Have the Right to be with Their Pet Wherever They Go. Think about it, Pets Often Block the Stress, Depression, and Anxiety that Get in the Way of a Colorful and Happy Life. But This Site is Helping People Fight Emotional Distress in a Different Way. It provides:-

1) 24/7 Emotional Support

2) Natural Therapeutic Treatment &

3) It is a Proven Success

When Work, Money, Family, or Friends Stress You Out or Drag You Down, there is Nothing Better than having Your Faithful ESA Pet Beside You.

With this official ESA letter website, getting you and your pet certified has never been easier. Pet deposits on housing rentals average $1000, but with an ESA Approved Letter, you can get that waived as well!


Christmas, New Year & Holiday Season Approaching

The most wonderful time of the year is also the loneliest for pets. These days, fees to travel with your pets can be more expensive than the flight itself!

With the holiday season fast approaching, if you want your pet to tag along on your family vacations, you could quickly start racking up huge fees. The fees that you don't necessarily have to pay!

American Service Pets offers a simple, free online quiz to qualify you to have your pet as an Emotional Support Animal. Which means your little buddy can tag along without the fees! No pleading with doctors, and no disability or documentation needed.

Very Few People Realize just how Easy it is to get an ESA Letter for Your Pet. In the Past You would have to Schedule an Appointment with a Therapist, Pay $150 per Hour, and Attend Several Sessions to Qualify. Unfortunately, Landlords and Apartment Companies Benefited Financially from this Slow and Expensive Process.

Now, through This Website you can Submit Your Assessment in Under 5 minutes and get Your ESA Pet Letter in the Same Day!

Immediate Download. 100% Online. Guaranteed to Work.

If You are Paying Pet Rent or Considering Getting a Pet This is the Perfect Opportunity to Save Money. Save Thousands of Dollars and Lift the Limits of When and Where You Can Be with Your Pet.

Certify Your Pet Now & Get Your Doctor Issued ESA Letter!

With a Legitimate PysD. Issued Emotional Support Animal Letter you can Take your Pet Virtually Anywhere You Go.

Join Thousands of Pet Lovers who Have Shaken off the Stigma and Discrimination that Comes from Simply wanting to be with Your Pet wherever You go. Stand up for Your Rights and the Rights of Your Pet. Nothing Should be Able to Separate You from the Comfort and Peace Your Pet Provides You.

Be Aware of This...

You Are Protected by Law. Both the ACAA and FHAA Guarantee Your Rights Under US Law. Your "Reasonable Request" for Accommodation Cannot Legally be Denied by any Landlord or Airline. However, Laws Change, and this Opportunity May be Unavailable in the Future. Get Your ESA Letter Now and Stop Paying for Pet Rent. 

Please Click Here To Qualify


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