How to avoid Corona virus COVID19 by boosting immunity?

There are a lot of people who tested positive for the novel corona virus & successfully recovered. But the best way to deal with COVID-19 is to totally avoid it.


There are many ways to avoid corona virus completely. The best way is to stay at home. Anything that comes from outside or anyone who comes from outside should follow all sanitization procedures, which by now everyone is aware of.

The Lost Book of Remedies.

You can check out this lost book of remedies. The medicinal value & benefits of 800+ plants/herbs have been compiled in this book.

A lot of remedies are made from/based on plants/herbs found in North America. Our ancestors knew a lot of natural remedies. They had vast knowledge of herbs which could cure a lot of fatal diseases.

Even those who were critically ill could be revived easily using herbs, which are mostly forgotten now. The medicinal value & the importance of a lot of herbs were known to our ancestors.

The lost & forgotten treatment methods of the past have been compiled in this book titled The Lost Book of Remedies. Please click here to know more about it.


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