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Being in digital marketing, what benefits can I gain by learning data analysis as well?

I presume, you want to remain in the field of digital marketing & check what’s the add-on if you learn data analysis! Though these 2 are different fields but whether you will benefit from learning data analysis, it will depend on your current KRA & Designation. Take one of numerous possible examples:- using Sentiment Analysis on Twitter via R, you can check what are the feelings for a particular political party being aired by the public, mood after a cricket match is lost, whom does the crowd feel responsible for the loss, does a political leader elicit positive vibes or negative vibes or positive vibes etc.  Thereafter, you can use Digital marketing to cash-in on the result.

Choosing a Data Science Course !

It would depend on the time & funds that you can set aside to do the course. If you want to do a full-time course, you will need to do a bit of research. My premise is that you intend to work as a Data Scientist after passing out. Check which institutes get campus visits of companies for recruitments. If any institute boasts of mass recruiters(for eg Infosys, TCS are mass recruiters for Electronics/IT related profiles-they recruit many students from the same batch), it would be a good choice. The placement records of institutes vary almost every year. Most good institutes publish their placement reports & it’s not difficult to contact a passed out student. Either you seek details from the institute, or you can use social media to connect to get plausible info. If any institute allows you to work on concurrent projects/live projects → they would probably be a good choice. If you get internship, good. Because chances are you get experience, stand a chance to get PPO(Pre Pla

Data Science, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence(ML/AI), Analytics - the sudden rush!

Even if you browse aimlessly on Google, chances are that you will see an ad for Data Science, Big Data, Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence. I have myself pondered, tried it, have been quizzed & grilled about it. Out of personal experience & experience of my seniors, I will try to address, provide some guidance & possibly clear the air around this sudden buzz. These buzzwords - Data Science, Big Data, AI/ML(Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence) are definitely getting people piqued with curiosity. For those with limited info, consider the amount of data we are generating nowadays. From bank transactions to buying from Flipkart, Amazon etc E-commerce sites, to ordering food, Domino's pizza online; to booking train/flight/bus/movie tickets etc involves submitting personal/generic data online. Using this data; firms can track previous sales, performance, buying behaviour etc as a function of various factors like geography, gender, age group, educati

Anderson's hostile swing bowling @ Lord's Cricket Test Match India Vs England

After the first day's play being washed out, second day's start of play saw India lose 2 early wickets to hostile swing bowling from James Anderson. How will India's brittle middle order perform, remains to be seen... Cheteshwar Pujara was batting with Virat Kohli when rain stopped play again. Pujara had played 19 deliveries & scored 1. It's imperative that batsmen should not be too much bogged down by the match situation. If the fact that we need to hold up one end & not give wickets along with the fact that my place in the team is at stake, plays too much on batsman's mind, he will be nowhere near even his normal self, forget about being his best. Indian fans would be already missing the services of a swing bowler like Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, mentally. Kuldeep Yadav has been picked along with Pujara. Whether they will be able to make telling contributions & push their team beyond the finish line for the victory, we will have to wait & watch to fin