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Rajdhani Express. Is the food free even for the 3rd AC travellers?

" How many Rajdhani Express trains are running in India ?" someone asked. I found out. There are currently a total of 24 Rajdhani Express trains running on various routes in India.  "What is the speed of Rajdhani?" Rajdhani Express was designed to run at a maximum speed of 130 km/hr. The first ever Rajdhani Express ran between Howrah(Kolkata - then known as Calcutta) to New Delhi on 3rd March 1969 covering a distance of 1450 km in 17 hours 20 minutes. The Mumbai- Delhi Rajdhani Express fare for 1st AC is INR 4350/- , for 2nd AC is INR 3555/-, 3rd AC is INR 2560/- . While booking online there would be bank transaction charges & regular taxes added at the time of checking out. The distance between Mumbai-Delhi is approximately 1400 kms. 1384 kms to be precise. Fares for other routes can be estimated similarly.  Is the food in Rajdhani free? Yes , it is absolutely free irrespective of the class you are travelling in. 1st, 2nd or 3rd Class AC passeng

Chetak - the German Shepherd

This page is dedicated to my best friend, Chetak- the German Shepherd! Who needs friends/relatives/social media if you have a German Shepherd! I feel Chetak detects paranormal activity. Click  this link here to find out how he reacts when he detects Paranormal activity. Below are a few video links of Chetak's travel to different cities of India via Indian railways. Chetak having his meal peacefully in Rajdhani Express Train Chetak in Duronto Express Chetak waking up early morning in Duronto Express Chetak's minor head tilt on hearing announcement while travelling in Rajdhani Express . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Click on the below links to find out the procedure of(train ticket booking) how Chetak, t he German Shepherd traveled in the Rajdhani & Duronto Express Trains. 1)  Procedure of travelling-with-your-pet-dog-via Indian Railways OR 2)  Procedure of booking tickets