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Where is God? Spiritualism and Cosmos.

Where is God 'Where is God?' - in childhood we had this question in our 'Moral Science' books, remember? And we have heard read the answer as well! "God is everywhere." Is it not? How do we understand this? How can one get himself/herself to believe the existence of God? [ Are you looking for paid online writing jobs ? Click here ] There are those who belong to the category of the atheists. They do not believe in the existence of God. Really? So the atheists want to say that there is no supreme cosmic force that rules the cosmos. The one almighty cosmic force that makes, governs the law of nature does not seem to exist in the dictionary of the atheists. I wonder how do atheists explain the phenomena of life, birth & death on this planet. Can any atheist explain how is the respiration of living beings regulated? When a living being is inhaling does he forcefully take his breath inside? If yes then he should be able to breathe even when he/she is