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Can England team score 500 runs in an ODI? Will England Cricket team be the first team to score 500 runs in an ODI?

England cricket team seem to be the favourites to win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, which is being held in England. "English cricket team are the clear favourites!" We keep hearing this from a lot of cricket experts and panelists. This is not just based on the current form of the English players, but it’s also because of the fearless approach which is adopted by the top 7 English batsmen, while batting. I always wondered, since the time I started following cricket, that why is it that 300+ scores are not scored more frequently by teams who boast of a strong, formidable batting line up? Why? When we were growing up, we used to play cricket in our colony. If it was raining or very hot outside, we used to play cricket in the common gallery within our building or sometimes even on our terrace. When we were playing cricket, as kids, we used to have these rules that if the cricket ball even touches the bat, the batsman had to take a run. It was a mandate. If the batsman fa

Which Bollywood actresses have had a horribly wrong plastic surgery?

Someone asked me, which is the funniest result of plastic surgery asking Bollywood celebrities.  I said funny is NOT an appropriate word to describe someone’s misfortune. Among the most unfortunate results of plastic Surgeries, I would put Koena Mitra on number one . She was the worst hit. Her flourishing career in Bollywood was totally destroyed as a result of her nose job. Her horror story of surviving a disastrous nose job is described in her own words below. An excerpt of her interview with TOI, “With the giddying attention, came the disastrous decision – to get a nose job. “After the surgery my bones started swelling up. Even the doctors gave up and said that only medicine and prayers will work. “I sat at home initially. But I could not take it any more and started going out with that face of mine. It was a brave decision, especially for someone in the limelight. I didn’t hide anything. But people spoke and wrote the worst kind of about me.” Because of the side effects an

How to learn Data Science? How to become a Data Scientist?

My journey has been full of turbulence, till now. I was into a Field Sales profile earlier. Based on my analysis of upcoming trends and technologies coupled with my business acumen, after carefully assessing for 2 years I decided I will switch to Data Science as D. S was going to have an important part to play in business decisions in the coming decades, I believed. Now the path… I first learnt the theory. I practised it. R programming, Statistics is what took a lot of time for me to absorb. Though I had studied from colleges which are amongst the best in India - B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT SURAT (2011 passout) & MBA in Marketing from K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management and Research(2012-2014), I did not have any coding background. It was all about perseverance and not giving up. I joined online course as well. But these money churning institutes can never satiate/quench the thirst of a seeker of knowledge. I was based out of Mumbai, I moved to Gurgaon

Why bhaang/bhang is associated by some with Lord Shiva?

Bhaang/Bhang and Lord Shiva! This connection is propagated by people who want to satiate their cardinal desires of indulging in drugs, by using the support of a defensive argument saying even ‘Lord Shiva accepts Bhang’. It's kind of a subconscious authentication process, a defence mechanism, which we are all aware of.  Visualize this- someone whom we idolize like MS Dhoni, starts endorsing a soft drink or energy drink, starts endorsing a specific brand of toothpaste, body spray, deodorant etc. What do we do next? We start drinking that brand of soft drink in summer when we are thirsty, start using that body spray; even though it might be costly and less effective than other available established brands of the same product, than the product endorsed by MS Dhoni. Dhoni may have never used the toothpaste, deo, body spray, soft drink ever. He may not have even tasted the energy drink he is endorsing. Picture this. A crude caricature of the above scenario. In the tier 2, 3 citi

How to travel with your pet dog via Indian Railways

There are 2 possibilities of traveling with your pet, when travelling via Indian Railways. IRCTC, the Indian Railways, has not made life any easier for travellers who have to travel with their pets from one city to another. In India, you essentially need to travel in First Class AC, if you want your pet to travel with you( highly recommended ). The other option is your pet will be put in a luggage van, which will be very dark once closed and bolted from outside. This van will probably be at the end of the train. So you will have to run to that last coach to see your pet or feed him with food and water, that too if the a Railways TC on board is friendly and opens the luggage van for you. And you have to manage everything within the short time period that a train stops. If its summer season that you have decided to travel, your pet might get dehydrated and feel more suffocated in that closed dark luggage van. The longer is the duration of the journey, the harder it will get for