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How to reduce stress while travelling to office, daily?

We all want to know how to avoid stress completely OR at least how to reduce stress while traveling to office as it is a daily activity? We have all seen people seemingly racing against time, trying to outpace others not to win some race, but just to reach office on time. Not just have we witnessed others, probably we are bitten by the bug ourselves & we can't seem to get over the early hours' office frenzy ourselves. How we wish that our lives would progress smoothly like the water which flows in a streamlined manner in a tranquil river! Wish everything was organized! If others follow set rules of getting up on time, follow traffic rules, be empathetic then at least traveling & reaching office could become a  purely mechanical activity totally deprived of stress. We see people repeatedly taking a glance at their cell phones or watches to get to know what's the time if they are stuck in a traffic jam on the road or in a long queue or while using public transpor