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Asaram Bapu News - Dr. Subramanian Swamy says he is innocent and Not Guilty. Why? What's the truth?

Now who exactly is Dr. Subramanian Swamy? Dr. Swamy was the one who denied Sonia Gandhi the PM seat in 2004. Sonia had staked her claim to the P.M seat after UPA won the 2004 elections in India. One letter from Dr. Swamy to the then President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, deprived Sonia of her dream to be the P.M of India. Go through this video link to find out how events unfolded that day in Dr. Swamy’s words. Why can Rahul Gandhi not be the P.M of India? By law, according to the Indian constitution, this is also explained by Dr. Swamy in the following video [...   Are you looking for paid online writing jobs ?  Click here  ] Dr. Subramanian Swamy is considered by a vast majority of people as the greatest anti-corruption, patriotic, nationalist Hindutva crusader of the contemporary era. He has a PhD from Harvard University. By education he is an Economist, by profession according