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Greatest Marketing Campaign Plan!

“More than 1600 times the ROI. ” Apart from the intangible benefits. In this era where people prefer digital marketing campaign without trying to understand deeply what is marketing concept or the nature of marketing, the following marketing strategy was an absolute killer! One of the greatest marketing campaign plan that I have come across, which had a really wide reach was the “ Lifebuoy Roti Campaign ”. It was an ideal campaign. It had a proper motive, well defined target segment, planned out expense, expected ROI & results. [... to read about the best work from jobs better than amazon work from home jobs & rat race rebellion , click here ‘Did you wash your hands with Lifebuoy?'  That was the message, in Hindi, stamped on over 2.5 million Rotis(Indian Bread) at the Maha Kumbh Mela in 2013, the largest congregation of human beings on our planet.  Roti is an important and mandatory item of every complete Indian meal. And the only way to eat it is with

Secularism? Pseudo Secularism? Have Hindus been cheated in the name of secularism? Does Indian secularism mean that Hindus should always compromise and give-in to the demands of the minorities?

Yes. Hindus have been cheated. That's the sad truth. In India there is one way secularism being practised since a long time. That is, secularism being practised by the Hindus only! First let us understand & agree that the muslims who wish to be catalogued among the minorities are actually the second largest majority, by population, in India. The Sikhs, Parsis, Jains etc are the real minorities. Their population is maybe even less than 5% of total population of India. The muslim population in India, unofficially, has crossed 20% of the total population. There is muslim glorification happening in Bollywood since many decades. Special efforts are made to show a muslim as a good human being who will do namaz 5 times a day. Thus a muslim is either a victim or he can never be wrong because he does namaz. Since long muslims are being projected as either nice or as victims.  Remember the movie Sholay? This elderly muslim character was shown as the most noble character and