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How to reduce stress while travelling to office, daily?

We all want to know how to avoid stress completely OR at least how to reduce stress while traveling to office as it is a daily activity? We have all seen people seemingly racing against time, trying to outpace others not to win some race, but just to reach office on time. Not just have we witnessed others, probably we are bitten by the bug ourselves & we can't seem to get over the early hours' office frenzy ourselves. How we wish that our lives would progress smoothly like the water which flows in a streamlined manner in a tranquil river! Wish everything was organized! If others follow set rules of getting up on time, follow traffic rules, be empathetic then at least traveling & reaching office could become a  purely mechanical activity totally deprived of stress. We see people repeatedly taking a glance at their cell phones or watches to get to know what's the time if they are stuck in a traffic jam on the road or in a long queue or while using public transpor

Dubai Tourism. Should you opt for a Dubai Tour Package or not?

For a Dubai Tour, most of the people will opt for a Dubai Tourism Package via a local travel agency. If you ask Indians what is their dream destination or if given a chance which country would they definitely want to see in their lifetime Dubai is one place which will figure in the list of at least 6 out of every 10 people you will come across. That's the reason first timers want everything planned by people who have been organizing tours & don't want to risk their enjoyment while on tour with the anxiety of planning, interacting and fixing deals/negotiating with foreigners in an alien territory. A lot of people also have the misconception that a Dubai Tour Package would be very expensive, beyond their budget. However this is quite contrary to the factual reality. Dubai is a dream destination- this fact is contributed to by the promotions it gets from our very own Bollywood movies. The most recent movie "Baby" featuring Akshay Kumar & Rana Daggubati was

How to get a six pack ab via surgery?

Gone are the days when people used to spend hours slogging in the gym for months at a stretch in hope of getting ‘six pack abs’ or 8 pack abs. With the advancement & progress in medical science & technology, it is now possible to get 6 pack abs via surgery. Expectedly, a lot of people have expressed concerns about this 6 pack surgery or 6 pack ab creation surgery. Some common questions or doubts are- Is 6 pack surgery safe? Can 6 pack abs really be created via a surgery? Is the 6 pack ab surgery painful? What’s the recovery time of 6 pack ab surgery? Which technique is used to carry out a 6 pack surgery? Am I eligible for a 6 pack ab surgery? Does a six pack surgery leave a scar? etc… Let’s try & address some of the most frequently asked questions here. Six pack abs creation or ‘ Abdominal Etching ’ is a medical procedure in which the excess fat in the abdominal region is removed & the abs are sculpted to surgically create the ripped look(6 packs or 8 pac

Face-lift for anti aging? How effective is Face-lift as an anti aging option?

As years pass by, the image of yourself you see in the mirror does not really reflect the youthfulness you might be feeling inside. The face is a sense of identity for most of the human beings. With the passage of time as signs of aging set in, a lot of people start losing their sense of identity. Facelift is the option which majority of people are choosing nowadays to regain their lost youth. Facelift procedure or Facelift surgery is also known as Rhytidectomy. It is done by individuals to get a young, energetic look & diminish the signs of aging which prominently manifest themselves on the face. The signs of aging are mainly creases or folds of skin on the forehead; wrinkles on the cheeks, baggy eyes and/or sagging skin on the neck. The sagging skin can sometimes be so eminent that it could be the first thing to be noticed in some people. The aging effect can make people over conscious about their appearance. As a result they are always short on confidence and cannot

How to make your Girl happy? How to go for shopping with your GF?

How to make your GF/Wife feel that you have been with her, even mentally, while she was shopping or while she was trying various outfits to finalize that one outfit she is gonna wear  for the party at the weekend? Visualize this scene... Girlfriend- Which one is better? This one or that earlier one? Boyfriend- *has a blank mind but gives her a deep look. Kind of thinking hard look*(In reality he did not even hear her question. Was checking Rohit Sharma's strike rate after hitting 200 in ODI against Australia on  Cricinfo* Girlfriend- Tell me what do you think? BF-*Now with a blank mind he has a blank look* GF- What are you thinking about so deeply? This is not looking good, no? BF- *she is holding a dress, must be asking about the dress* I was thinking what should be added to this outfit to make you look more stunning? Just change of colour, probably more dark?(Wowww! such a life saving, pragmatic monologue) GF- Even I was thinking that it is making me look fat. Se

Opportunist - Naam Hai Siddhu! Siddhu snubbed by Imran Khan! What's wrong with Siddhu?

In Hindi there is an adage which goes like "Bin Pendi ka lota". suggests its English equivalent as "Rolling stone" in some places. The message the Hindi adage conveys is having no inclinations, preferences or leanings. The Hindi adage uses analogy of a rounded vessel which is used to pour water. Since the vessel is absolutely rounded hence when it is left to roll on the ground freely, it can roll in any direction. Sometimes the 'lota' or vessel will lean or move to the left and sometimes to the right. You can neither predict in which direction it will turn nor you can explain or understand why it turned in that specific direction. If we talk about human equivalents of "Bin pendi ka lota" one might be able to think of a lot of generic examples from history, past, personal experiences etc. However, if you talk about the contemporary scenario, one individual has really caught everyone's attention. He might even leave the '

What do you mean by Good Communication Skills? How to speak well?

We have all heard this a lot of times - "xyz has good communication skills", "you need to be good in communication skills to be successful", "communication skills xyz..." etc. Lot of people move around with misconceptions regarding communication skills. It is imperative to first understand what exactly is the meaning of Communication Skills? Good or Bad, we can decide later.  Communication Skills means, the person should be able to express his ideas clearly providing cogent arguments. It does not really matter what language he uses. He could be using a mix of 2 languages for eg English & Hindi, while speaking. But if he is able to establish a connection with the listener & can address the concerns/points of skepticism/disagreement raised in the conversation he can be considered good. If the speaker gets the listener on-board or the listener completely or even partially agrees to him, though he might be having a diametrically opposite view

Travelling with your pet dog via train(IRCTC) in India...(Intercity travel with Chetak, the German Shepherd.) Part 1/n-Ticket & Coupe booking

If your pet is very young i.e a puppy/kitten etc, who can travel with you in a small basket & you take proper care of your pet, then you & your pet can travel together in a train however, there is some constraint about the maximum permissible weight of your pet. You will need to inquire about it with the authorities... If I begin by saying traveling from one city to another in India with your medium-sized or giant breed dogs like the German Shepherd whom you love as a family member is an arduous task thanks to the senseless rules of IRCTC, it will be an understatement. Let's start with the ticket & coupe booking. I am only talking about how difficult it is or how unfriendly the rules are for the pet & the owner who wants to travel with his pet with him in the same coach & not siphon off the poor soul in the dark, stinking, unhygienic luggage van. How difficult & stressful it can get for your dear pet is something that's totally beyond words. The Eng

India vs Hong Kong Cricket match & it's impact on India vs Pakistan in 2018 Asia Cup

Indian cricketers were given a real run for their money, or that's what it at-least seemed like in last night's encounter with Hong Kong. First about India's batting:- Indian batsmen never got going. This, one would believe is a full strength side in the batting department. Virat Kohli has been rested, but then India is not just Virat Kohli. 11 players or rather 5-7 top order batsmen make your batting line up. In IndvHK(India vs Hong Kong), either all the batsmen were in the mindset of slowly accumulating runs, getting match practise OR pitch was not conducive to batting when India batted. Astonishingly the same pitch became impeccable for stroke play when Hong Kong batsmen like Anshuman Rath etc were batting. Indians could not accelerate. One would never really get to know the reason why Indians could not switch gears & slog when less than 50 runs were scored in the last 10 overs. Were the Hong Kong bowlers so disciplined? We are talking about Dinesh Karthik, Amba

Rajdhani Express Mumbai to Delhi Travelers

Nowadays with cheap flights, especially the cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Delhi available as a result of the flight booking offers, compared to the Rajdhani Express ticket price, lot of people prefer flight travel compared to train travel. However a 2 hour flight travel cannot replace the rich, colorful, sometimes hilarious experiences of 16-24 hours journey in a train. Let us talk about Rajdhani Express route from Mumbai to Delhi. While travelling via train, we come across multiple personalities. It becomes difficult to register their persona mentally simply because of the enormity of the variations in nature & categories of the travelers. Variations could be on the basis of social status, age, gender, financial status etc. However, while travelling via Rajdhani express you can categorize the people roughly into 3 categories. They are:- 1) The Frequent Rajdhani Traveler 2) The occasional Rajdhani Express Traveler 3) The First time Rajdhani Traveler The traveler cou

Boss = owner of organization

This is a part of the MNC culture. The corporate world. I have heard it zillion times either when my colleagues would discuss it among themselves or talk to me on same lines..."What did your Boss say?", "My Boss is late", "It's difficult to get Boss on the same page", "My Boss won't agree", "His Boss was being unreasonable" ... etc. I cannot get myself to address my reporting manager as "Boss", I also found it difficult to comprehend the reason as to why do my friends, colleagues address their reporting managers as Boss? Factually, it's unfathomable for me & I personally believe it's absolutely ludicrous of them to do so. Boss, by definition, is the owner of an organization. Boss could be the owner(sole proprietor), or one of the partners with the majority stakeholding in the firm. Boss is someone who does not take orders from anyone. I just don't understand why do people address an ordinary sala

Being in digital marketing, what benefits can I gain by learning data analysis as well?

I presume, you want to remain in the field of digital marketing & check what’s the add-on if you learn data analysis! Though these 2 are different fields but whether you will benefit from learning data analysis, it will depend on your current KRA & Designation. Take one of numerous possible examples:- using Sentiment Analysis on Twitter via R, you can check what are the feelings for a particular political party being aired by the public, mood after a cricket match is lost, whom does the crowd feel responsible for the loss, does a political leader elicit positive vibes or negative vibes or positive vibes etc.  Thereafter, you can use Digital marketing to cash-in on the result.

Choosing a Data Science Course !

It would depend on the time & funds that you can set aside to do the course. If you want to do a full-time course, you will need to do a bit of research. My premise is that you intend to work as a Data Scientist after passing out. Check which institutes get campus visits of companies for recruitments. If any institute boasts of mass recruiters(for eg Infosys, TCS are mass recruiters for Electronics/IT related profiles-they recruit many students from the same batch), it would be a good choice. The placement records of institutes vary almost every year. Most good institutes publish their placement reports & it’s not difficult to contact a passed out student. Either you seek details from the institute, or you can use social media to connect to get plausible info. If any institute allows you to work on concurrent projects/live projects → they would probably be a good choice. If you get internship, good. Because chances are you get experience, stand a chance to get PPO(Pre Pla

Data Science, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence(ML/AI), Analytics - the sudden rush!

Even if you browse aimlessly on Google, chances are that you will see an ad for Data Science, Big Data, Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence. I have myself pondered, tried it, have been quizzed & grilled about it. Out of personal experience & experience of my seniors, I will try to address, provide some guidance & possibly clear the air around this sudden buzz. These buzzwords - Data Science, Big Data, AI/ML(Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence) are definitely getting people piqued with curiosity. For those with limited info, consider the amount of data we are generating nowadays. From bank transactions to buying from Flipkart, Amazon etc E-commerce sites, to ordering food, Domino's pizza online; to booking train/flight/bus/movie tickets etc involves submitting personal/generic data online. Using this data; firms can track previous sales, performance, buying behaviour etc as a function of various factors like geography, gender, age group, educati

Anderson's hostile swing bowling @ Lord's Cricket Test Match India Vs England

After the first day's play being washed out, second day's start of play saw India lose 2 early wickets to hostile swing bowling from James Anderson. How will India's brittle middle order perform, remains to be seen... Cheteshwar Pujara was batting with Virat Kohli when rain stopped play again. Pujara had played 19 deliveries & scored 1. It's imperative that batsmen should not be too much bogged down by the match situation. If the fact that we need to hold up one end & not give wickets along with the fact that my place in the team is at stake, plays too much on batsman's mind, he will be nowhere near even his normal self, forget about being his best. Indian fans would be already missing the services of a swing bowler like Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, mentally. Kuldeep Yadav has been picked along with Pujara. Whether they will be able to make telling contributions & push their team beyond the finish line for the victory, we will have to wait & watch to fin