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How to make your Girl happy? How to go for shopping with your GF?

How to make your GF/Wife feel that you have been with her, even mentally, while she was shopping or while she was trying various outfits to finalize that one outfit she is gonna wear  for the party at the weekend?

Visualize this scene...

Girlfriend- Which one is better? This one or that earlier one?

Boyfriend- *has a blank mind but gives her a deep look. Kind of thinking hard look*(In reality he did not even hear her question. Was checking Rohit Sharma's strike rate after hitting 200 in ODI against Australia on  Cricinfo*

Girlfriend- Tell me what do you think?
BF-*Now with a blank mind he has a blank look*

GF- What are you thinking about so deeply? This is not looking good, no?
BF- *she is holding a dress, must be asking about the dress* I was thinking what should be added to this outfit to make you look more stunning? Just change of colour, probably more dark?(Wowww! such a life saving, pragmatic monologue)

GF- Even I was thinking that it is making me look fat. See, almost like I have a tummy *looks at her reflection in mirror*.
BF- That's what I was thinking, was searching for words to express my thoughts.

GF-Crimson red & scarlet red make me look jaded as well. Brick red always makes me stand out in the crowd
BF- Huhhh! Red has so many variations?

*Another shop*

GF- These curtains will look good in my room. Walls are of grey colour, doors have a dark coffee colour, study table has pink cloth laid over it & ceiling is white. Will Magenta be fine? Or I think the curtains should also be of grey colour, what do you say?
BF- *Bloody hell! So many things need to be taken into consideration to decide the colour of curtains?* I think this dark one will be good because it will give a soothing effect(safe option- pick a colour giving any vague reason that you can think of)

GF- You mean magenta? No yaar, dark colour will absorb more light. Not good for my room. Grey colour curtains will look good.
BF- Right & you even have a grey T-Shirt!

GF- Wowww! You remember that T-Shirt? *grins* I no longer wear it after that day.

The point is your girl/lady will invariably give you the straight answer or at least drop hints in the conversation unknowingly herself ,as to what option she wants you to choose... Be on the look out for clues in her monologues. You are just loitering along with her while she does some meaningful shopping(from her perspective) to make her feel secure & give her company. It's imperative to make her feel that the choices she makes are the choices she arrives at after some really deep intellectual analysis.


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