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Why is Lord Shiva associated with Bhang? Does Lord Shiva & Bhaang/cannabis or marijuana have a connection? Mahashivratri !

Does Lord Shiva consume Bhang/Bhaang or marijuana on Mahashivratri as propagated & believed by many? MahaShivratri, Lord Shiva & Bhaang - swapnilized.blogspot This is propagated by people who want to satiate their cardinal desires of indulging in drugs, by using the support of a defensive argument saying even ‘Lord Shiva accepts Bhang’. It's kind of a subconscious authentication process which we are all aware of. Visualize this- someone whom we idolize like MS Dhoni, starts endorsing a soft drink or energy drink, starts endorsing a specific brand of toothpaste, body spray, deodorant etc. What do we do next? We start drinking that brand of soft drink in summer when we are thirsty, start using that body spray; even though it might be costly and less effective than other available established brands of the same product, than the product endorsed by MS Dhoni. Dhoni may have never used the toothpaste, deo, body spray, soft drink ever. He may not have even tasted the

Why is Rishabh Pant being given so many chances in the Indian cricket team?

What could be the reason that Rishabh Pant is being given so many chances in the Indian cricket team? Why is Rishabh Pant selected in Indian cricket team(ODI & T20). I started following cricket in the early nineties after Sachin Tendulkar made his debut. Sachin used to play exciting cricket and was absolutely like a breath of fresh air. Since the early nineties till today, the fag end of 2019, I have followed Indian cricket. I don't remember anyone being given as many chances in the playing eleven of Indian cricket team as Rishabh Pant has got. The intent is not to ridicule a cricketer or put a question mark on someone's ability and talent.  But having followed Indian cricket religiously, I can't stop myself from feeling sorry for Sanju Samson, the other wicket keeper who was selected in the team apart from Rishabh and did not get a look in. Neither in the previous series nor in the 3 T20's that India has played against the West Indies at home in December

How to get rid of toothache? Toothache at NIT Surat & IIT-Mandi. Natural remedies for toothache & dental problems

We have all experienced it. Excruciating pain in our tooth/teeth. It could be due to any reason for eg. tooth decay, cavity formed in teeth or some other possible complications. I would say one of the luckiest people on this planet would have never experienced tooth ache in their lives. First let me list out all the possible natural remedies that I have tried:- 1) Gargling with luke warm salt water, specially during mild toothache & just after dinner. The water should be at tolerable temperature for the insides of your mouth. In a glass-full of water, mix around 1 table spoon of salt. For best results use natural salt in granular form. If natural salt is not available use processed salt which you use for cooking. 2) Cleaning the teeth & cavities with brush & then munching/chewing tender neem leaves & keeping the saliva/juice in mouth for atleast half an hour. This procedure should be done at least 4-5 times a week just before going to sleep at night, if no