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Rajdhani Express Mumbai to Delhi Travelers

Nowadays with cheap flights, especially the cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Delhi available as a result of the flight booking offers, compared to the Rajdhani Express ticket price, lot of people prefer flight travel compared to train travel. However a 2 hour flight travel cannot replace the rich, colorful, sometimes hilarious experiences of 16-24 hours journey in a train. Let us talk about Rajdhani Express route from Mumbai to Delhi.

While travelling via train, we come across multiple personalities. It becomes difficult to register their persona mentally simply because of the enormity of the variations in nature & categories of the travelers. Variations could be on the basis of social status, age, gender, financial status etc.

However, while travelling via Rajdhani express you can categorize the people roughly into 3 categories. They are:-
1) The Frequent Rajdhani Traveler
2) The occasional Rajdhani Express Traveler
3) The First time Rajdhani Traveler

The traveler could belong to any of the above 3, and be travelling 1st AC, 2nd AC or 3rd AC categories.

1) The Frequent Rajdhani Traveler:-
He would most likely be oblivious to the surrounding & be busy/occupied physically or mentally or both in events preceding & leading up to the travel or in events which are a part of the journey. My point is, this thought may never flash his mind that he is travelling in Rajdhani Express, the mother of all the regular premium train services which are a part of IRCTC. It's a premium service-by default. Both the pricing of the tickets, the service, the ambience is a cut above the regular train services offered by IRCTC - the Indian Railways. For him, it is as normal an activity as it is for the common man living in any city & using a shared auto ride or someone living in Mumbai who will take an auto or local train ride...
People travelling in Mumbai locals don't flaunt their train rides/local train tickets. It's never shared as or flaunted as a status symbol.
The frequent Rajdhani travelers will have an aura about them. If there are multiple trains lined up at the station, you will be most probably able to guess that this gentleman/lady is headed for the platform where the Rajdhani is arriving.

2) The occasional Rajdhani Express Traveler:-
He would most likely be observing the scenes & be judgemental about possibly everything or anything he sees. He would be mentally registering the behavioural aspects & haughtiness of 1st category of travelers, the tantrums which their kids would be throwing, the swagger & pomposity with which they would be owning the space in the train while being ignorant about the prying eyes watching them.
He would probably be a bit condescending about the less privileged people.

3) The First time Rajdhani Traveler would be very conscious about every activity in the train.
He would be extremely aware of the fact that he is travelling in the Rajdhani Express, a premium train service by Indian Railways. It will be evident by his facial expressions that today is an important day in his life. You will be able to figure out that he is consciously making efforts to show off that he is a frequent traveler & not a first timer, in the Rajdhani Express. He will definitely be, but will make endeavours to show off that he is not overawed by the situation.
It is a necessary but not sufficient condition nowadays to click selfies while doing any task which can help in an increment in your social status by even an infinitesimal amount. So you will find hem taking selfies just next to their seat indicating the seat number, next to the clean sheets & blankets being provided, they will click photos of every breakfast, meal being provided in the train.
They will not know how to increase/decrease the airflow of the AC in their coupes. They will find it embarrassing to even ask for assistance in decreasing/increasing their coupe temperatures as that would reveal to everyone that they are travelling for the first time. By their constant skepticism & hesitation, even the staff who are in the coach for their assistance will be able to sniff out that they are first-timers. You could accidentally witness them asking if they will be charged for the complimentary tea/snacks/meals being offered. They will hesitate to ask for extra Roti(bread), rice etc if the quantum of food provided to them is not sufficient. They will shy away from requesting for the basic elements eg. an extra sachet of sugar for their tea/coffee/curds.
You might also hilariously find them taking selfies outside the toilets as they would be cleaner compared to the other regular trains. 


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