17 Best Natural Remedies & Home Remedies for Tooth Pain & Gums Pain

In this article you will find a list of 17 of the Best Natural Remedies & Home Remedies for Tooth Pain & Gums Pain

This article has best home remedies & natural remedies for tooth pain, swollen, painful gums with abscess and bad breath. It is an attempt to help individuals to possibly avoid the complicated, painful dental treatments by using the natural & home remedies.

The intent is to help with home/natural remedies to keep our teeth strong and take remedial measures for abscess, swelling, cavities, pain that occur in our mouth, gums & teeth.

I have myself been terrified my whole life at the thought of visiting a dentist because of the painful dental procedures. I have never been able to come to terms with the fact that even to make the dental procedure ‘painless’, the dentist will start by giving pain to you.

He/She will first inject local anesthesia in your gums! I imagine a needle piercing my gums. Even this thought pains me. I have visited a dentist for a dental procedure only once in my life, after that I have been trying to do all that it takes to avoid further visits to the dentist

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Moving on to our 17 best natural home remedies for toothache; pain, abscess and/or swelling in gums

This is an attempt to provide info on complete oral care & comprehensive dental treatment solutions to be done at home. The best tried & tested natural remedies & home remedies for tooth pain, pain & swelling in gums, abscess & cavities.

Depending on the level of decay in your teeth, cavity, gums etc you may see results varying in time period. It means someone may get instant relief, some may need some time to see the effect. I have personally tried most of the remedies listed below including the remedies number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

At different times in my life, depending on the time I could dedicate for these natural, home remedies as well as the availability of these materials/resources, I have applied/used the remedial measures. There are 17 of them. Please feel free to make use of them to possibly avoid visits to the dentist for painful dental procedures.

1. Chewing freshly plucked leaves or fresh tender twigs of Indian lilac or Neem tree for toothache, gums pain.

The scientific name of this tree is Azadirachta indica → I am sharing this based on my own personal experience.

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When I was an Engineering student I used to stay in my Engineering college’s hostel. I was careless & lost in the freedom/academics/enjoyment available at my disposal in the hostel life. I used to eat a lot of sweets at night & sleep without cleaning my teeth properly hence cavities had developed in my teeth.

I had heard of all the painful procedures which people go through when they visit a dentist for toothache/cavities. Hence I did not want to see a dentist. At any cost! But I was in unbearable pain due to the cavities in my teeth.

I recalled that in villages people clean their teeth using (Neem tree)Indian Lilac’s tender, fresh twigs. The Neem tree leaves/twigs are bitter in taste. Very bitter!

Teachings of a Yogi, a Spiritual Guru for toothache dental problems & oral care

I had heard from a very wise, learned, senior spiritual Guru/preacher that germs don’t like bitter taste. He was speaking with reference to some other context. I decided to club it along with my own knowledge, analysis & it to treat my horrible toothache.

There were a few Indian Lilac trees within the huge & vast campus of my Engineering college. I used to pluck a lot of fresh, reddish and/or green Neem leaves everyday. At night, before going to sleep, I used to first clean my teeth properly. Then I used to chew a mouthful of washed Neem leaves.

As a result of constant chewing for 10+ minutes, the extract from the leaves used to mix with saliva and remain in all corners of mouth, cavities for 10–15 minutes. And I used to later swallow it after 10–15 minutes, fall asleep with the fine, crushed particles of Neem leaves embedded in the cavities of my teeth.

neem-leaves-tooth-pain-gums-pain-treatment https://bit.ly/35i1miL

Now instead of food being trapped in the cavities of teeth, the crushed neem leaves would stay in the cavities whole night. These crushed neem leaves were not something which the germs/bacteria in the teeth could feed on.

In fact the germs would be repelled & feel suffocated because of the neem leaves embedded all around in the cavities. This was the thought process I had in mind which motivated me to try this before sleep ritual.

I continued this daily bedtime ritual for toothache and it had a really drastic and positive impact on toothache. Further decay of teeth was completely stopped. The most important outcome from my perspective was I could peacefully complete my Engineering without a single visit to the dentist’ clinic.

The Indian Lilac or Neem tree leaves are very powerful disinfectants. They also help reduce inflammation & treat any kind of oral disease or oral wounds.

Those who do not have an access to Neem leaves, you can follow the same ritual by replacing Neem leaves with Cloves which are more easily available. In fact you can get cloves from your local grocery shop.

2. Why Are Cloves Considered Better Natural Remedy For Teeth Decay, Toothache, Gums Pain & Bad Breath?

How Do Cloves Provide Relief From Toothache Immediately?

It is widely known that Cloves or clove oil, easily available at medical stores, provide relief from tooth pain and gums pain. On many occasions cloves provide immediate relief for tooth & gums pain. Cloves are flower buds of clove tree. They are also known as Syzygium aromaticum

When one chews Cloves, the strong aroma of Cloves eliminates bad breath. The extract of Cloves mix with the saliva & act on the root cause of toothache. If you are using Clove oil then a small Cotton ball needs to be dipped in Clove oil & placed on the tooth/cavity where pain is being experienced.

clove-cloves-tooth-pain-remedy https://bit.ly/35i1miL

Alternatively, every night after cleaning your teeth, you can chew 2–4 cloves properly. Grind them using your teeth. The medicinal extract from cloves will mix with saliva and treat your teeth, cavities & gums.

Let the cloves remain embedded in the cavities, entangled between your teeth. You can clean the clove particles in the morning when you brush your teeth.

I am a Chemical Engineer. My knowledge of Chemicals & common sense suggested that during daytime we keep eating(breakfast,snacks,tea,coffee,meals,water etc) hence there is a continuous flow of decomposable elements through our teeth.

Nothing gets stuck for 6–8 hours at a stretch. At night when we sleep for 6–8 hours the food particles which are stuck in our teeth for 6–8 hours get time to rot & decompose thus decaying our teeth.

I thought instead of food particles, I will on purpose embed elements in the cavities of my teeth which repel/kill germs and bacteria. With this thought process in mind, I had tried these 2 remedies & they were very positively effective.

3. Paste of mustard oil mixed with sea salt stops tooth decay & gum decay

Take this paste of mustard oil with salt in your palm. For best results use sea-salt. You can use normal processed salt(present in our kitchens) if sea salt is not available.

You can also add pure turmeric powder to salt, oil & then prepare a paste. This will optimize the healing property of the paste as turmeric has very strong anti inflammatory, antiseptic & antioxidant properties.

Apply this paste on to your teeth & gums using your middle finger. Gently massage it all over the teeth & gums. Close your mouth & let it stay for around 20–30 minutes.

mustard-oil-salt-toothache-remedy https://bit.ly/35i1miL

After around 30 minutes, rinse your mouth clean with water. You can do this at least twice if not more, every week. It really stops the decay of teeth & gums. It eliminates bad breath.

4. Gargle with lukewarm salt water to stop tooth decay & gums decay.

This is considered as an effective remedy to stop tooth, gums decay. It is very easy to prepare. Put around 1 teaspoon sea salt in a glass of lukewarm water & mix it properly. Now it is ready for use.

Gargling with salt water disinfects the entire inner area of your mouth. The food particles stuck between your teeth/ in cavities are washed out when you gargle. It cures any kind of inflammation. Any oral disease, oral infections can be healed with this procedure, if done correctly.

5. Cold Compress. Numb the toothache with ice-cold water/ice

It has been found that acute terrible pain can be suppressed with cold water/ice. If you are experiencing extreme toothache then filling your mouth with ice/ice-cold water can give instant relief as it totally numbs that area.

If after a while the pain starts resurfacing again then spit out the water/ice & replace it with fresh ice-cold water/ice.

6. Garlic for tooth ache, a complete oral care solution

You can use garlic for toothache, gums pain. Though garlic has a distinct, strong, repulsive odour. It has strong indigenous anti microbial, anti bacterial elements. You can add some sea-salt with garlic & crush it to form a paste.

Then place this paste in the cavity of your tooth or apply it on the paining tooth/gum area. You may repeat this twice/thrice in a aday as required for pain relief.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) solution for toothache, gums pain & dental treatment.

If one uses hydrogen peroxide solution during toothache as a mouthwash or use H2O2 to gargle, it immediately provides relief from toothache, gums pain. Hydrogen Peroxide solution is an effective toothache remedy & a better alternative for dental treatments.

8. Peppermint Tea Bags for toothache, swollen gums & dental remedies.

You can use cold/hot tea bags of peppermint. Whichever works best for you hot or cold tea bags, can be used. After using a tea bag in hot tea, take it out. Let it cool down till it reaches a temperature you can bear. then place it on the affected/paining area. Alternatively you can place the used tea bag in cold storage/on ice cubes & then apply it on the aching tooth/cavity.

9. Thyme Herbal extracts, a remedy for tooth pain, gums pain.

Thyme is a herb which has very strong antioxidant & anti germ content present in it inherently. One can chew this herb or crush the thyme herbs & drop the medicinal extract obtained after crushing it in the cavities of the teeth or paining tooth/gums area. Also thyme herb oil is available locally. One can wet cotton buds with thyme oil & place it on the area in the mouth which is experiencing pain.

10. Guava Leaves as a remedial treatment for toothache, gums pain.

Like Thyme Herbal extracts or Indian Lilac, Guava leaves have inherent ant inflammatory & anti microbial properties. As well as you can use guava leaves in a similar way. Chew the Guava leaves so that the anti germ content in the leaves mixes with saliva & reaches every part of your mouth. Or you can boil handful of crushed guava leaves & keep this solution to be used as a mouth wash. It is an effective toothache as well as gums pain remedy.

11. Oregano Oil, a comprehensive remedial solution for dental problems.

remedy for It’s an extremely effective treatment for toothache & gums pain because it has highly potent anti bacterial content. You can directly put a few drops of oregano oil on the paining tooth area and in the cavity of tooth/teeth. It not only completely relieves you off pain but also avoids a recurring toothache, if used at regular intervals as instructed.

12. Cayenne pepper with Ginger for toothache & gums pain.

You can apply a paste of cayenne pepper & ginger on the paining area. you can fill up the cavity of teeth or apply it on the painful tooth/gums. After a while you can rinse your mouth clean with fresh water. You can repeat this 2–3 times in a day.

13. Onions a solution for toothache, gums & oral care.

Like Garlic, Onion is full of useful anti oxidant & anti microbial content which can prove to be helpful in dental treatment. You can chew raw onions or apply a paste of onions in the area where you are experiencing pain. Not only does it alleviate toothache it also stops further decay of gums & the painful tooth.

14. Wheatgrass for dental treatment.

There is high chlorophyll content in Wheatgrass & enough healing content to relieve inflammation of gums and toothaches. Wheatgrass is considered by users as an effective treatment for pain in teeth as it kills germs & eliminates bacteria.

15. Vanilla Extract for pain in tooth, swollen gums.

Dip a cotton bud in Vanilla extract & apply it on the affected paining area in the mouth. You can place the cotton soaked in it gently in the cavity of teeth or on the decayed part of teeth. As it has high alcohol content it can instantly numb the area & relieve you off the pain.

16. Baking soda for tooth pain and gums pain

Baking soda treats abscessed tooth & swelling in the gums area along with toothache. You can mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 pinches of salt in a glass of water. Gargle with this mixture for at least 2 minutes then spit it out. Repeat till you use up the entire mixture. You can do this twice a day. It is a very effective, easy & affordable dental treatment you can do at home.

17. Fenugreek tea for toothache, dental treatments and oral care solutions.

It reduces inflammation, has strong healing properties as it is full of anti bacterial content. You can crush fenugreek seeds and boil it in water to make fenugreek tea. Let it cool. Dip a cotton ball in this mixture and apply it on the paining gum or teeth. Do this twice/thrice in a day or as required. You can also gently place this cotton ball soaked in fenugreek tea in the cavity of your tooth.

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