How to Make Money Writing ebooks in 60 Seconds with Sqribble?

How to create an ebook in 60 seconds using Sqribble without writing a word!


In this write-up below you will be introduced to Sqribble, a product which can be very useful for authors, people who write content, blogs, reviews, books, affiliate marketers, drop-shipping professionals & people from other fields. 

Sqribble is an Artificial Intelligence enabled tool which creates ebooks, pdfs, reports and saves you a lot of time & efforts.

Extremely useful for absolute beginners as well as experts. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

How to write an ebook and make money?

There are numerous tools available online with which one can make ebooks. Over the years, I have personally used many tools for my own personal as well as official work. From my personal experience I can say Sqribble is the most user friendly tool which required the least manual work & was highly efficient in making ebooks.

To learn how to write an ebook from the founding team of Sqribble & to visit the official site of Sqribble, please click here

A lot of times, depending on the assignment/project I was working on, I created ebooks in a few seconds without writing/typing a single word. A few clicks is all that was required to create the ebook.


How to create ebook from pdf?

Sqribble will help you to create an ebook in about 60 seconds flat! What if I told you you can create an ebook without writing a single word! How cool is that? 

Now you can create E-Books, create Reports & Lists in a few minutes! Click here to learn from the official team who created this wonderful e-book creator.

If you are into digital marketing, writing books/novels, preparing online reports, CPA/Affiliate marketing, using the best work from home jobs opportunities then you would already be knowing, understand & appreciate the need of an ebook creator.

If you have recently started your online business journey then it is imperative for you to understand the importance of ebooks in the books genre which can act as lead magnets for you to drive your business forward. Ebooks can give a massive boost to your business. 

But how does one create an ebook? How does an absolute beginner, who has never created an ebook, create an ebook to generate revenue online -thats the pertinent question here!

What is an ebook - let us first understand this?

The answer to the question, 'what is an ebook', is quite obvious! Easy to guess. ebook, eBook or e-book is an electronic book. It is a book made available by a publication(or an author having all the rights of the book) in a digital form. 

It is just like the hard copies, notebooks, textbooks & consists of written content or images. 
The only difference is that ebook is in digital form. ebook essentially falls in the books genre.


How to make ebook from pdf?

The entire online earning model depends on only one factor — Website TRAFFIC. ONLINE Traffic. The number of real visitors that your website is getting! More is the number of visitors, higher is the probability of of getting clicks, leads, sales, conversions, business!

Even if people are into online jobs of teaching via video lectures, an ebook is always an asset which you can gift/give out to your students. The ebook could be having your branding or website name in it, apart from the academic subject matter content which would continue to drive your business forward.

If one does an online search using the right methods, there are several opportunities to earn online using ebooks. To earn using ebooks one needs to learn how to create ebooks. But that is already entirely taken care of by Sqribble which is explained in great detail in this article, below. 

How to make an ebook and sell it?

The part- "how to make an ebook" is completely taken care of by Sqribble. Ok, so now you just need to learn how to sell ebooks. 

How to sell ebook ?  

I am sharing the names of a few resources which one could tap in, to generate revenue. Have you heard of amazon kindle ebooks? Ok, don’t mind the casual question. Everyone has heard of Amazon kindle ebooks . You can seel your ebooks on Amazon kindle. First you need to create a free amazon kindle login account.

Earlier there used to be amazon kindle unlimited download of ebooks available. If you were looking for some book, its free pdf version would be, almost certainly, available online on amazon kindle. You would get 'ebook for free' download links to download the book in pdf form.

The rich amazon kindle library, amazon kindle unlimited books, amazon kindle daily deals would open up doors of huge earning potential where one could use amazon kindle direct publishing to publish & sell ebooks. After buying, the buyer could read the ebooks using amazon kindle cloud reader.

Using the amazon kindle unlimited feature one could propagate his/her business by offering free downloads of ebooks which would have their branding/affiliate links/addresses/promos of their business or future/coming up exciting ebooks etc. The amazon kindle unlimited books were used by a lot of startups to take their businesses to the next level.

So if you have an amazon kindle login(which is free) you can sell ebooks you created by uploading them on amazon kindle. You can self publish to kindle and become a content creator in no time with Sqribble. 

Similarly you can sell ebooks on ebay & many other such online portals. Most countries have their own local version/competitors of Amazon Kindle. You can sell your ebooks on those platforms. 

An easier way of finding out more alternatives to sell your ebooks would be, type - "alternatives to Amazon kindle" or "top 10 alternatives of Amazon kindle" or "where can I sell my ebooks"


Online jobs on amazon or best work from home jobs ?

I wonder which category does this fall into online jobs on amazon or among the best work from home jobs! Here you have a concept, you create an ebook and then you self publish with amazon kindle. You don’t need to depend on anyone to get your book published for it to reach out to a lot of people.

You are a content creator, you only need to worry about creating content & that load is also taken care of to a large extent by Sqribble. So you are working from home using the online resources provided by Amazon to generate revenue.

How to create ebook from pdf? How to create unlimited content? How to make money online by selling e-books?

Now let us understand what is Sqribble & how will Sqribble help you to create ebooks in 60 seconds?
Sqribble is a cloud-based tool that allows you to create eBooks (reports, whitepapers, etc.) in seconds. 

It uses ready — made templates and drag n’ drop design features that make self-publishing your eBooks a breeze. You can instantly download Sqribble by clicking here.

How to create an ebook from pdf?

Let's understand the mechanism of how to create ebook from pdf using sqribble. When you log into Sqribble, you’ll see a bunch of eBook templates to choose from. These are all based on different categories, so you’ll need to find one that matches your market/topic/niche.

Once you’ve selected the template you want to use, you simply click “view” to see how your eBook will look (don’t worry, we’ll add your content next.)

In this view screen, you can see how the book will be laid out and get a feel for the style. If you don’t like it, you can always go back and choose another template (there’s 50 templates to choose from, and you can also edit the templates too, in all kinds of ways.)

You’ll notice that the layouts and designs are very slick. They look like professional publications! Next, you’ll be asked where you want to source your content for the book. You can choose:
— Grab from a URL
— Start from scratch
— Copy and paste manually
— Upload Word File
— Start from Article Collection

Let’s take a closer look at these options.


Grab from a URL

This allows you to insert any URL you want, and Sqribble will automatically pull the content from that page and insert into your book. It strips the html code and only inserts the text from the page. 

This is my fave method, because it saves a ton of time, and allows you to use expert content (with credits) so you can target topics and niches you’re not an expert in!

Start from scratch

As it sounds, this option allows you to enter your content like you’d enter it into a Word document. You just type straight into the page.

Copy and paste manually

This allows you to copy content from anywhere you want, and paste into the book, where the book will format and lay it out for you professionally.

Upload Word File

You can get Sqribble to pull your content straight from a Word document, stripping out any code or weird formatting.

Start from Article Collection

Here you can extract content from Sqribble’s huge library of private label articles which you can use for free, without crediting authors or linking to the source. It’s another great way to quickly fill your book with content, for free!

Finally, you’ll move to an editing screen, where you can resize text, move content around, edit text directly, add media, links, lists, call to action areas, new pages, and a whole bunch of other options for customizing the look and feel of individual pages or the entire book.

You can even add new pages that use a totally different layout to the rest of your book, giving you a huge amount of flexibility and endless options for your book.

While editing, another thing I really liked was the Themes option. With a single click, you can instantly change the color theme and font style of your entire book. It’s like giving your book a new “skin” and it’s just one more feature that sets Sqribble apart from the other tools out there.

Finally, when you’re ready to publish, you hit the little “Generate eBook” button in the top right corner of the screen and voila, your book is now ready!

You can either open the book in a browser to preview it quickly or save as PDF.

Is Sqribble right for you?

If you’re already creating lead magnets or eBooks for sale, then I have no doubt that Sqribble is going to save you hours of work and tons of money on freelancers (if you outsource the design or writing side of it.)

For that reason, I truly believe that Sqribble is well worth the investment and perfectly suited for most small to medium size businesses, especially self-publishers and info marketers.

It’s also a great tool to use if you’re a freelancer or agency, working with clients to create professional eBooks (includes commercial rights, plus a done for you agency website, which is a big bonus!). You could easily charge $100’s for this service, and with Sqribble, you could get the work done in way less time than it wouldn’t normally take you.

And other opportunities have been elaborated in detail in online jobs on amazon & best work from home jobs section above.

The good points about Sqribble-

— Easy to use
— Glitch free
— Unlimited use (one-time payment)

The awesome points about Sqribble

— Tons of excellent eBook templates
— Professional page layouts
— Automatic content
— 3D cover creator (available through upsells)
— Flipbook creator (available through upsells)
— Free commercial agency + website included!

Overall verdict:- Positive. Strongly recommend Sqribble for anyone who desires to have an online presence. Please click here to get Sqribble now.


There’s no doubt, Sqribble is a powerful eBook creation tool. Unlike other tools, it’s packed with everything you need to start cranking out professional looking books, reports, whitepapers and more in seconds.

With automatic content, drag n’ drop editing, plus a host of templates and designs ready to customize, you’d struggle to find a more seamless eBook publishing tool than this.

Being cloud based is a big bonus too. No need to download any software that clogs up your computer.

Whether you’re casually publishing books or you’re constantly creating lead gen reports for yourself or clients, Sqribble can — and WILL — save you hours of hassle and potentially thousands of dollars in freelance fees over the coming months and years. For that reason alone, it gets my full seal of approval.


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