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5 tips to make a man fall in love with you

Let's imagine that you met your dream man. You feel like he is the dude! You are absolutely certain that he is the one you want to spend your life with. You want to now find out how to make your man fall head-over-heels for you the way you have fallen for him.

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That's not easy. There is no sure shot way of making a guy fall for you. You can only increase that possibility by doing certain things, sending some direct as well as masked signals to convey how much he means to you.
A relationship needs 2 individuals who really want to be together. If one feels very obsessed about the other but the other is not even aware or maybe having other priorities in life, then what is needed is that you need to express your feelings directly/indirectly without too much of a delay.
If you want to get into a relationship with the man whom you have fallen in love with then you can use the following tips. These tips have helped a lot of girls & women get the man they love. There have also been cases where the ladies were able to get their ex back by using these psychological tactics.

How to make a man fall in love with you?

1) Eye Contact.

Use Eye Contact to express your feelings.
Your eyes can, at 'times', speak a lot more than what your words could ever convey. Being in love is included in those 'times'. Without saying "I love you" in words speak it out with your eyes. Every time you speak to him look at him as if he is the most important, most handsome man in the world for you.
Glance stealthily at him regularly. There will be times when he will catch you staring at him. Whenever he catches you lovingly & adorably staring at him it will convey the message that you are intensely fond of him.

2) Acknowledge, Adore, Respect, Admire & Rely on Your Man.

Make your man feel like he is your hero. Your superman. You trust your man to handle any situation.
Men like women who acknowledge the masculine presence in their lives. When a girl or lady expresses how much the man is important to her or how she would not have been able to manage the situation without him, they really like it.
When a female appreciates the problem solving ability of a man he becomes more protective of her & this keeps her think more about her. Respect the conclusions that he arrives at to sort out your issues however minor they might be. Appreciate & respect his thinking & working style.
A man wants his woman to trust his masculinity. Men are really fond of females who are totally submissive during bad times & trust their male partners to get them out of that situation without arguing about how their methods would have been better.

3) Do Not Enforce Changes in Your Man.

Don't try to make a man whom you feel is good, into someone who is perfect.
You have heard that there has never been a one-sided coin. We all come with our own pros & cons.
If you have found a man that you are intensely fond of but want him to correct a few things like getting into shape, going to the gym, dressing sense, change his talking style, earn more etc then just move on. Find another man. 'This man' is not your man.
It is difficult to change. For anyone. Enforcing changes will only lead to friction between two individuals with one trying to enforce a change & the other trying to resist the change.

4) Kick Your Past. Allow Yourself to Love & Be Loved.
Stop thinking about how your past has been. Don't link your present to your past. If your man makes endeavors to impress you, allow yourself to be pleased. Don't be paranoid because of possible turbulences in your past.

5) Talk about yourself to him.

The intent is to not share secrets about your life but to discuss minute, trivial details of your life(maybe your routine). Talk about how you have been feeling low or some minor issue which has been bugging you since a long time. Seek his help/advice to fix something which is important to you.
Don't expose secrets of your life which can put you at an inconvenience if things go horribly wrong in your relationship.

You should never believe anyone who says it's 100% possible to get something done. Via your deeds you can only improve your chances when you increase the possibility of the occurrence of an event.


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